Up-cycled table tops

I normally put little jobs like this one on Facebook but I thought I’d put this one here for a change.

Last week I was asked to take an old pub table top and make it into two smaller tables for my local pub.It needed to be completed quite quickly as the place is being refurbished and I wanted to give the lacquer time to gas off, here are my efforts.

This is the original colour, unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the top before I cut it up.

I sanded the finish and as much stain off as I could and was quite surprised to find a nice ash table underneath.


A bit more sanding and a roundover on the edges and apply the first coat of lacquer.


Second coat


In the drying bay


Dry for 15 minutes and flat off to a satin matt finish. They need to gas for a week or so but these should now withstand all that pub use can ask of them.



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