Blue Oak Kitchen and High Gloss grey kitchen

It’s been a busy few months but I thought I’d share some photos of a couple of kitchens we’ve been working on and show off some of the details.

First up is the blue kitchen, it’s made from veneered panels with solid Oak Rails and styles (the outside bits of a door) with some curved corners to soften the edges. The worktops are Silestone and the backsplashes are Hanex.

IMG_5093 (1)

Here’s some of the little details.

Utensils drawer
IMG_4954 (1)

Spice drawer
IMG_4955 (1)

Undersink bin drawer
IMG_4963 (1)

Sliding garage, store your mixer and use without having to lift it
IMG_5101 (1)

The electrics are hidden behind an opening splash backIMG_4962 (1)

IMG_5093 (1)

Next up is the grey kitchen. This one was a challenge we had to work in the worst conditions. The building project was running way behind and the builders wanted to get us in there to complete the kitchen amidst complete chaos.

IMG_5068 (1)

IMG_5071 (1)

IMG_5065 (1)

Tall storage Units
IMG_5091 (1)

Pan drawer
IMG_5090 (1)

Food waste bin with flush lidIMG_5089 (1)

Access to the bin
IMG_5087 (1)

Utensil drawer
IMG_2098 (1)

Flush mounted tv with hidden speakers and router
IMG_5085 (1)

IMG_5084 (1)

IMG_5075 (1)

IMG_5074 (1)

IMG_5073 (1)

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