Steve’s son’s desk


I’ve been meaning to post this up for a while. This is a personal project by Steve who works for us. He does have a small workshop at home but this was chiefly made here after work and at weekends. It is a desk for his son with a hinged top much like a traditional school desk.DSC_0032

The top is hinged by way of a dowel that runs through the sides of the leaf.


These are the natural colours of the timber, I think they are very much suited to childrens furniture.


Matching desk and chair.

DSC_0026 DSC_0008

Clever double dovetails made on Steve’s Incra router table fence.



The materials are Beech, Pau Amarello and purple heart. These timbers are in their natural colours with the clearest of finishes applied.

This work is a credit to Steve, he is coming on leaps and bounds. Steve has given me some more photos of the things he’s been making for his children. I’ll put some of them on here soon.


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