Steps, stools and hop ups

We all have storage in our houses that is too high to reach, sometimes we end up precariously perched on a chair or stool or at best on a highly practical but unattractive set of aluminium steps.

The steps are fine if you have somewhere convenient to store them but often they get left in an inconvenient place.

Here are a couple of our solutions.

This one lived in a kitchen with fairly low ceilings, we didn’t plan for this but their young girl decided that it was very comfortable to sit on when mummy was in the kitchen cooking. It is made of white ash and roasted ash.




The next one was for a kitchen with high ceilings, the customer wanted it to be readily to hand. It was decided to keep it on the end of oven unit so she wanted it to look part of the furniture. The ladder and the worktops are Iroko. Iroko is resistant to staining and hard wearing, it darkens with age.


Pic 4 IMG_1742 IMG_1743 IMG_1749 IMG_1750


These are just two solutions, many more are available to match your kitchen or bedroom to your specification.


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