More AV cabinetry

We have just finished another AV installation, working alongside Phil from the AV guys Vistion.



This was quite a challenging installation from a design and planning point of view. The client has a baby who has just started crawling (and pulling cables) so the install needed to be child proof and the cabinet with the amp, DVD, sub and sky box needed to be lockable and fitted to the right of the chimney breast. There also needed to be space provided for a NAS, router and space to charge small items like phones and bike lights, easily accessible.

As you can see from this before shot cables were an issue.


This brought some difficulties from a cabling point of view as there wasn’t any hidden route through from one side of the chimney breast to the other. Here is our solution.



We carefully removed the mantle piece and core drilled through in order to run some AV trunking, this means that in future if more cables are needed or a cable goes down a new one can easily be pulled through.

Here are a few shots during the install.


This is Phil form Vistion sorting out cable management within the cabinet.


The left centre and right speakers fit in this small unit under the TV space, if you look carefully you can just see them, this is prior to the acoustically clear fabric being fitted.



Amp being fitted in the gear cabinet.



And here are some shots of the completed install.


This is the LED lighting behind the screen.

IMG_9360 IMG_9352 IMG_9351


This is the completed cabinet with the amp sub etc installed. The mesh means that all the remote controls work with the door locked shut.



And it looks cool too.



Thanks for looking. Simon

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