Heat treated Ash

Heat treated ash is becoming more and more popular, it has a rich dark colour with a beautiful textured grain that shines through when oiled or lacquered.

Here is a top being sanded prior to finish.



These are the legs, this was a lacquered piece



So what’s so great about roasted ash (as we call it) apart from it’s beauty. Well, the heat treatment makes the timber very stable, it resists cupping and movement because moisture isn’t taken into the capillaries in the timber. This makes it much more resistant to rot, so it is even suitable for use outside in decking and furniture. It is resistant to pests as well, it seems that most bugs like their timber raw and not well done, so chemical treatments are not required. We can fit the minimum of finish giving a real natural look.

Anyway here’s a few shots of the coffee table in manufacture, check back for some shots of it in situ.P1060937 P1060917 P1060916 P1060929 P1060966 P1060964 P1060962 P1060956

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