Childrens Play Shop

I like to encourage my kids to use their imagination so we made them a little piece of furniture to store some of their toys which could also be played with.

I imagined that this way round (it’s on wheels so it can be moved around) it could be used as a shop counter or market stall.Children toy shop and theatre


And this way round, with the addition of some fabric, it could perhaps be a puppet show or theatre.DSC_0242

We like things here that are robust and last, not plastic stuff that get played with for 5 minutes, broken and ends up in the recycling.

Dovetails on shop drawer


We like to recycle by making things well, when my children grow out of this we hope future children will get to have equal pleasure from playing with them.



This is my eldest daughter taking orders from the youngest. Four candles and plugs?

Their imagination has made this toy a favourite to play with even a year or so on, sometimes I come home to find it being used as a hospital bed, a police car, a school, a bus and many other places their minds take them. It has been robust enough to survive being jumped on and pushed around and I think the pen marks that will remain for years to come will just become character and memories.



We have another similar one of these in stock at them moment, please contact us if you are interested in the one we have or having something made to your specification.

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