Bright blue glass splashbacks

Glass looks much better if carefully planned, avoid joins where possible and try not to have sockets and switches breaking the finish.

Pic 1
Iroko timber planked worktops with blue glass splash backs and gloss cabinet doors


Keeping the glass as one clear piece to add to the clean lines of a kitchen design, in order to avoid sockets breaking up the surface we developed these sockets recessed up behind the top cupboards.  The sockets are easy to use, in fact they keep the cables away from the worksurfaces and stop appliances getting tangled up in the food preparation.  We can also get lots of sockets available in the kitchen without creating an ugly row along the wall

Pic 2


This has a few good features, it hides the sockets keeping a nice easy to clean surface. Also when you plug something in the cable tends to only touch the edge of the worktop rather than dangling in whatever happens to be in the way. The space makes a  convenient place to fit under cabinet lights.

Inside the cabinet becomes tiered,  which displays smaller items neatly so that you can see what is at the back.

Pic 3
This is an example of how it makes it easier to see items that get pushed to the back


Some of the sockets in your kitchen have appliances permanently plugged in and stored on the work surface such as a toaster or coffee machine. It is much neater to have the socket for these appliances beneath the worktop, the cable can run through the worktop and plugged in behind a drawer, this allows access but keeps untidy cable neat and out of sight.

Pic 4
Hidden socket outlets with blue glass and contemporary handles for a clean fresh look.


As with many things the detail is key to making the best of your choice. Also available in other colours

Pic 5

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